PC Interfaced Voice Recognition System

Recently, there was discussion that what should be next important thing in software and computers. Answers were that, is shall be as to how human beings must interact with different phones (digital devices) and computers. Old time users of computer have knowledge that before there’s prompting of command lines and graphical user interfaces on video displays due to norms. Input of computers consists of batch files being fed to computers by utilizing paper tapes or punched cards. Output of computer comes in form of perforated paper’s giant sheets. Then video displaying units came to existence together with keyboards. These provided operators of computers with screens which allowed reading of commands, typing to computers and viewing results on screen. So, command lines have become computer standard interfaces in 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.

Interfaces of graphical users have emerged in 1980’s early. It made easy utilization of computers by general masses. The interface has become standard ever since that duration of time. Debuted in 80’s late Apple Macintosh was 1st produced mass computer which utilized graphical user interfaces. PC Windows shortly followed thereafter. Mouse had been developed actually in 1968 year at Stanford Research Institute by Douglas Englebart. He demonstrated hypertext too. He shared collaboration of screens at events that year in San Francisco. Presently, computers use touch screen, mouse, and graphical interface technologies. These technologies have about 20 year’s existence. They have fine tuning for making web surfing and computing easy to great extents. This is for many neophyte users for accomplishing tasks. Novice smart phones had have taken forth the touch screen technologies to next levels. This made computing too much pervasive technology which could be accomplished from any place in world. It used Wi-Fi and satellite communication. Multi-touch screens debuted actually in 1983 year on HP 150 computers.

Queries are that what future holds for interfaces of computers and as to how we could adapt very easily to lives with devices of computing. Interfaces have become more human and sophisticated. Voice recognition is one amongst those interfaces. PC Interfaced Voice Recognition System is present since 70’s. It was not taken seriously until beginning of new millennium. Factor is that it is not that users do not talk to computers. But matter is that computers do not listen. With modernization and advancement of voice recognition these factors and matters shall radically change. Voice interfaces shall probably be too common in next five to ten years. You can imagine that whilst you sit in cubicle or office and your other office mates talk to computers simultaneously. Then you can hold to your mouse and keyboards for little duration of time. Then office shall become too much noisy. This sounds as if opportunities of business for Bose. Whatever becoming interface emerging standards are, there are plenty of matters which need complaining. You should not be surprised in case you have computer encountering which directly communicates with brains in forth coming 20 years or less. Medical researchers have come up already with nerve connection bionic devices. This operates prosthetic limbs by simply amputee thinking regarding limb movement. Monitoring perception can be next. There should not be computers knowing as to what you are thinking. There can be opposite matters too. Queries are that as to what next big interfaces are. Queries are also that as to whether you are happy and satisfied with your mouse, different digital interfaces and keyboards. Queries are also that are your smart phones easy whilst using for wide range of tasks. You should chime in and answer these queries. Your stories must be heard by people.

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