Voice Recognition based on Artificial Neural Networks

Voice Recognition based on Artificial Neural Networks is not anything more than techniques set based on human brain’s behaviour. This is basically in making decisions and learning. Whilst in majorities human beings are biological systems who learn. On basis of this learning they become capable of taking decisions. The decisions are based generally on survival. In similar ways systems of artificial intelligence need to make decisions and learn. But unlike biological systems, artificial systems operate on mathematical algorithms basis. Learning is in turn induces for few purposes. Inside artificial intelligence there are lots of categories. But in cases of intelligent computers mostly used is Artificial Neural Network. Amongst others is Genetic Algorithms.

Neural networks are nothing more than brain’s neural system’s emulations. In this all elements of biological systems are replaced by equivalents mathematically. Artificial neural networks do same tasks of human brains. It does tasks which regular computers are unable in performing like voice recognitions, image recognitions, making decisions, speech recognitions and others. Disadvantage of system when compared with programmed system is that it requires training. Neural networks with no training are like newly born kid coming to world. Therefore scientists made development of lots of neural network models all with various algorithms and various abilities. Presently, use of neural networks and artificial intelligence is implemented in software. There is emulation of parallel natured neural networks to linear systems. Common applications mostly are image reconstruction, voice recognition and (OCR) character recognition. It is implemented also in hardware. In this, processor’s linear structures are changed to neural structures. This takes benefits of paralleled natures of neural networks. New technology is known as Neural Processors.

Presently, neural processors are used in particular applications like robotics. At this moment, there are easy implementations. But lately, there is development of hybrid systems by usage of neural processors and microprocessors. This is used usually in servers. Artificial intelligence technologies help societies in achieving better living standards. But you should pay heed to fact that, inheriting biological capabilities to machines thereby makes us a lot more being dependent on their usages. This results that this dependency inhibits only our capabilities intellectually. For avoiding this, we should see as to what these machines have for us, that is, tools for improvement.

Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) have been inspired biologically. They specifically borrow ideas from manners in which there is working of human brains. Human brain has been made of many cells which are called neurons. The neurons number estimation in human brain is of wide range, nearly about 150 billion. There are as many as 100’s various neuron kinds being separated to groups. This is called networks. All networks contain many 1000 neurons which are interconnected highly. So, brain is viewed as neural network collection. Neural networks have potentialities of providing few human characteristics of solving problems which are difficult whilst simulating by usages of analytical logical techniques of DSS or expert even systems. Presently computer system has had have considerable growth. It is part of society’s technological evolution. These days living without computers is like stopping progress. Computers are very important tool in activities of daily lives. They help in maintaining accounts, developing novice technologies and connecting oneself with entire world. Computer conventionally has capabilities of performing lots of (in millions) operations/second. But it is not having capabilities of making it self’s decisions.

Otherwise speaking, computers do not perform tasks by themselves. It needs too much programming. But single programs are limited for only doing some tasks. Multiple tasks need multiple programs. Therefore there is necessity of this technology which is known as Voice Recognition based on Artificial Neural Networks.

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